34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dears..in my tummy (below) skin looks like bulges out (like round shape) and some pain also is there if i touch that..is this any abnormality symptoms?pls suggest

Answer: Pls suggest anyone
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Question: hi dears pls any one suggest some veggs and fruits rich in folic acid which is easily available in market
Answer: All dark green vegetables. Spinach, broccoli, chickpea, beans etc orange juice, avocado
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Question: Hi dears, I m not having any labor symptoms.. now in 38th week... when will I get labor pain.. I have glucose level as GCT 160 also having thyroid.. will they cause any delays in pain... pls tel me..
Answer: went to doctor today.. she said everything s normal and told me to come for next week also.. asked about labour pain. she said if pain comes, come to hospital..
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Question: I'm not having any symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness. Is there any problem if not having this
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. It's absolutely fine, not to feel any symptoms of pregnancy. Enjoy your time that you feel good, it could change at any minute. Most women won't feel any signs of pregnancy until they are six to seven weeks pregnant. Take care.
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