36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dears.. I want to ask onething.. How to remove hairs in vaginal area... Bec my due date is getting closure.. Hw to do tat.. Shall we use veet cream?

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Answer: Hair removal cream is risky during pregnancy so try to avoid it.. U can remove hairs by using razor with the help of mirror or ur partner..
Answer: You can use razor or doctors will do it for you
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Question: How to remove vaginal hairs before labor?? Can i use razor or hair removing cream??
Answer: Hi congrats, You can use razor but be careful as hair removal cream has chemical in it which is actually not preferred so use.of razor is quit safe...even I used reason before my delivery....hope this helps, but if u still have something running in your mind u can consult with your doc....take care ☺ 👍
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Question: is it safe to use veet hair removing cream in vaginal area...
Answer: hi, it is safe. but first do a patch test on the skin to check if u are allergic or not. If not, you can use it. But the regrowth is very bad, it is hence better to use razor than hair removal creams
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Question: I am in my 6th month.. dctr has preacribed me gynosprin vaginal cream for infection for 5 dys at night... can i do veet to remove pubic hairs before using vaginal cream and use it at night
Answer: Dear if you are having infection I think use veet after consulting your doctor. As these creams do have chemicals so it is better to ask your doctor first. Hope it helps.
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