22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi dear u underwent cervical encircle surgery and they said i shud nt take much strain so that the stitches will get removed for baby weight n said to be in complete rest how to keep my uterus strong i am worried

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Answer: I had same iot in 5 mnths...dr said avoid steps..and take rest..dont bend...only rest can help you
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Question: I had cervical cerclage 2 weeks ago.. what precautions should I take and when the stitches will get removed and how..
Answer: Hi dear , cervical cerclage stitches on uterus is very crucial and you should not do anything that can create pressure on your stomach. Normally this stitch will remove after 36 weeks of pregnancy as it considered full term. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi in my nt scan shows placenta developing on anterior wall they told me to take rest.....I am worried
Answer: hi dear in 13 week Placenta must have already been developed anterior Placenta is not harmful unless it's low lying. so do check with your reports that what exactly they have used the term for your Placenta also if you have doubt you can take second opinion.
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Question: I underwent anamoly scan today..Baby growth is good. But cervical length is 2.9cm... dr suggested cervical stitches... And dr. said stitches will be removed in the 9th month...how is the procedure before and after stitches
Answer: Hi , Even I had a cervical stitch in 19th wk after stitch 3 wks bed rest required, then it's fine but should not strain urself
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