11 months old baby

Question: Hi.can we introduce egg to 9 months baby&how?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello dear... You can give egg yolk to baby, but feed egg white after one year, feeding before may cause allergic or indigestion to baby
Answer: Don't add anything except a little turmeric n just a pinch of salt. Cook properly and then give it to ur child.
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Question: Hi.Can we eat a egg daily
Answer: Hi dear, Egg is though nutritious,but not many could digest it when eaten everyday.it is heat for the body,so women often get loose motions or pimples.so better to have thrice a week .
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Question: How to introduce egg to 7 months old baby..
Answer: hello dear to your baby feed him white part of the egg.. after 1 year you can try to feed yellow part.. feed white part with some salt..
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Question: How to introduce egg to 1year baby
Answer: Hello dear.. initially start giving only white part after boiling,can just smash in hand and feed with little curd rice or dal rice,if it ha no issues,can start giving along with yolk,it is better to give for breakfast or lunch,initial days to reduce digestive issues
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