14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi can pregnant lady do shivratri vart and can take medicine

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Answer: it is important that a pregnant lady has good food in the right quantity and right time. sudden stop of food or medications can have bad effects on the baby. it is better you dont fast and have good food and medicines
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    piya sharma984 days ago

    thanks mam...

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Question: 7th month pregnant lady can take mango and jackfruit
Answer: Hi. Yes you can take both the things in moderation.. 1 mango a day is good to have where as jackfruit should be taken 5-6 small pieces wetger its raw or ripe.
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Question: hi mam, i am 15 week pregnant and i am suffering from fever,headache and sneezing what i do?? can i take medicine?? name the medicine plz
Answer: Hello! For anyone sort of medi, please consult the doctor. For cold can suggest you a few home remedies. 1. Make a tulsi, ginger,cloves and black pepper kadha and drink twice a day . 2. Tulsi ginger tea to soothe the throat pain. 3. Boil half a tsp of turmeric in a glass of water and drink before bed . 4. Take steam 5. Gargle with hot salty water frequently. 6. Take honey ginger juice thrice a day. Take plenty of rest to recover fast.
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Question: Can pregnant lady take brinjal vegetable?
Answer: I'm 6th month pregnant. I'm having brinjal twice a week. No prblm. Take plenty of water. Keep ur body hydrated nothing will happen. U can have wat ever u want. All are myths. I had fully riped papaya also 2 weeks before. Nothing will happen
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