35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, can I know which stem cell banking is good..either lifecell or cordlife.. pls help

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Answer: the stem cells are basically stored for 25 years. they can be helpful for the child if he/ she ever suffers from blood related diseases such as blood cancers, immunological disorders etc. though the research is still going on, storage of stem cell is kind of a insurance policy for the child's health. In india many companies are providing this facility most popular are Life cell and Cord life.
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    Sneha Madhu Reddy735 days ago

    thank you..have a query..life cell preserve only blood but cordlife preserve both blood and tissue...but lifecell has an advantage like they can treat kid, siblings, parents and grandparents both maternal and paternal..but cordlife only baby, siblings and parent..so pls suggest..which is better..does tissue also be helpful for treating diseases.

Answer: hi
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