32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi can I go to train travel 32 hours journey in 2 nd ac coach train.

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Answer: Yes u can but make sure u sip water and keeping u hydrated throughout the journey.if possible walk every half an hr. Take a good nap try to listen to soothing music. Take care
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Question: Can I travel in train AC coach for 12hrs
Answer: It is not advisable to travel in your third trimester but discuss with your doctor if everything is good then you can travel.
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Question: 36 week me train se travel kar sakte hai kya night journey...AC coach...reply
Answer: Travelling is only advisable in the 2nd trimester... it is best to avoid otherwise... In case it is an emergency proper precautions has to be taken based on the mode of transport, place of travel and hours of journey. For train journey take care not too long travel... trains are usually rattling and have lots of movement so take care of that.. secure your seat safely and prefer the lower berth. dont have train food... drink water sufficiently... dont sit continuously... be careful while walking in the train... Agar aap jouney avoid kar sakte hai toh behtar hoga
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Question: Can I travel for 2-3 hours in train... Is train journey safe during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, Travel in pregnancy is otherwise safe unless you have any pregnancy related complications like spotting issue or low lying placenta etc.you can also travel through train.it is in a way is good compared to road travel.train travel would let you experience very less jerks and you can move around too inside it.do carry your prescribed medication if you are going to stay for longer duration.try to avoid outside food and rather carry home cooked food and water.keep santitary handy and maintain hygiene.keep yourself well hydrated too.wish you happy journey!
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