8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi,,, can I eat fruits like kiwi, strawberry,dragan fruit, grapes (black ND green). ND d other food items like baked biscuits (bakery biscuits), buns, brown bread.nd d vegetables like brinjal,califlower, pumpkin.

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Answer: Avoid eating black graps... Pineapple and papaya...
Answer: Yes, but in limits.
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Question: Is it safe to eat pomegranate, saptoya, green grapes fruit in 13th week of pregnancy and please advice me which type of fruits ,vegetables,and food items i can take it baby growth please advise me
Answer: You can have pomegranate,grapes and many other fruits like apple, water melon, chikoo Also consume green leafy vegies as much as possible...have coconut water... Keep yourself hyderated as much as possible... Have protin rich food like paneer, milk, rasgulla...
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Question: Hi.. Can I eat kiwi fruits and black Grapes? I feel always eat like sour
Answer: The fruit is good for pregnant women. Since kiwifruit is a good source of folate, which helps brain and cognitive development and prevents neural defects in babies (both before and during pregnancy), it is essential for expecting mothers. However please have in moderation and consult your dieteican before consumption. It is better to avoid grapes during pregnancy. The main reason is the high amounts of chemicals that are present in grapes can toxify the expectent mother.
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Question: Hi mam, am 7 weeks running naw.till i have no problem,no morning sickness,am totally well with my food habits.at day time i eat everything egg,salad,rice,dry fruits,fruits,vegetables but at evening to night time i can't eat anything.i don't know why but less interested to eat food .and most of the day i skip my dinner.its look like so much testless .so is it ok that i can skip my dinner at that time?
Answer: no..you a should have dinner compulsory..instead of eating at a time.eat the food as a leisurely manner..it will be good for you..
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