12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, can i eat rohu fish during pregnancy. Is it safe? I have eaten a single piece yesterday. I am 11 weeks pregnant.

Answer: Hi,fish is good in onega3 but it us imo to see that you eat only low Mercury fish.however since it us a river fish it us high in Mercury and so not advisable to have during pregnancy .if you have already eaten be piece it us s in but remember in future that you have only low Mercury fishes
Answer: Hi dear, Absolutely safe.please have it daily.fish is an excellent source of lean proteins.they are good for you and also benefit your baby now.
Answer: Yes u can eat.. don't worry
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Question: Hi am 30 week pregnant can i eat rohu fish
Answer: Yes dear, you can eat, fish should be clean and well cooked, don't eat too much spicy gravy.
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Question: I am 5th month pregnant..can i eat fish (rohu) ?
Answer: You can eat actually fish is more healthy than mutton and chicken
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Question: I ate freshwater rohu fish but felt like vomiting. Is it safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Dear it is absolutely safe to be consumed during pregnancy as it is low in mercury. It could be due to pregnancy and hormonal changes that made you feel like vomiting. Hope it helps.
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