10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi can anyone tell me I can't eat from last 8 to 10 days.. If I drink water then also i vomit.. What to do can't understand???

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Answer: Congratulation on your pregnancy... 🎊 I've been in your shoe, I wasn't able to eat or drink or do anything and worse I had night sickness, I vomited during night time which just makes my life soso miserable! But what I learned from that time is that no matter how hard it seem it's always good to take in something whether i'll vomit it out again later or not. I know you must be very suffocated and drained out, and just thinking about eating will make you feel like vomiting but ulyou have to think for you baby who is in need of the nutrients your consuming. Do have a very light breakfast avoid oily food and spicy food Eat almonds, cashew nuts and other nuts. Almond specially help in reducing the nausea. And have a small and frequent meal. You can take a protein drink in the morning alongwith milk. And have a light dinner again 3 hours before sleep. Do aromatherapy with lavender in a diffuser it really calm the nerve and it'll relax you. Hope this help. This all works really well for me.
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Question: Now I am 9month pergency. I vomit what ever I eat and I can't able to drink water also. What should I do please reply me
Answer: Visit doctor for check up immediately she will prescribe some safe medicines and supports
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Question: Hi iam 18 weeks pregnant.. I can't drink water like normal days . Even if i drink i felt nausea feeling what can i do
Answer: Hi dear yes it do ha0oens and don't worry it is just a phAse which will go soon. U have to make a target of having 10 to 12 glasses of liquid in a day. Even if u don't want to have water u can have some juices , shakes , soup ,fruits containing more water so that u can compunsate the water loss with other means. U can also mix glucose if u want to have but make sure u r not diabetic
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Question: hi,, can anyone tell me if labour pain did not starts at due date then what to do?
Answer: Hello You can induce labour by walking Taking a warm shower Having sex as it induces contractions Stimulating ur breasts can cause contractions Eating spicy food Eating food with high estrogen levels like pine apple cardamom seasome seed Eat dates as they have good levels of oxytocin wch help with cervix dilation
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Question: From last two days unable to eat anything. If I eat then I feel pukish. Please suggest. I only feel. Like to eat orange or cucumber that too chilled. Also I have sugar so can't drink sweet drinks.
Answer: Hi...this nausea is unavaiodable...Eat foods that u like to eat at this stage....keep yourself hydrated...thats very important...orange and cucumber can be taken...but try to add vegetables too...eat in smaller quantities frequently...if u like cold items...dont make it soo cold...just chill it and have...
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