5 months old baby

Question: Hi can anyone suggest me for mosquito bite rashes cream or what can we apply on it. That part has become reddish and look like too big big pimples on his left leg.. plzz need help

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Answer: U can apply original aloe Vera gel at the spot.. Redness will automatically removed by itself.
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    Lakshmi A898 days ago

    Thank you!

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Question: My 4 months old baby has mosquito bite like rashes on his trunk, right leg and both hands,, its size subsided now,, but rashes present,, what is the reason for that?
Answer: Hi! for few babies or for few adults it takes time to go away completely but there is no major issue or nothing serious if it takes time so please don't worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Mosquitoes bite 3 month old baby, looks reddish in color like pimples, no fever... Wat we can do fr removing. That reddish in skin
Answer: Hi, dear apply icepack on that area that will reduce swelling and pain of mosquitoes bite and then apply some coconut oil that will give relief to baby and remove the scar..
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Question: My baby is having big red mosquito bite like rashes on his boday..is that heat rash or something else
Answer: It could be heat rash, insect bites or even some rash due to allergic reaction... however please consult with your pediatrician and get it treated as early as possible..
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