18 months old baby

Question: Hi can anyone please tell me something natural for baby immunity . My baby is preterm and immunity is low so plz tell me something which is good for baby immunity increase and health.

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Answer: if u are feeding mother mothers milk is best immunity for the baby
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Question: Hi im 9th week pregnant. Can anyone tell me natural remedies for thyroi plz
Answer: Hi Dear! Unfortunately Thyroid is a lifetime condition and the medicines needs to be taken throughout your life including pregnancy time, but dont worry it wont affect ur baby if right dosage is taken.. You need to avoid maida, wheat ,dairy products,curd is OK that too occasionally.all mithais are strictly no no, lauki,spinach and cucumber smoothie is wonderful to keep your levels low. Workout religiously. Trust me disciplined life style has lot of positive sides Thyroid is not that threatening if we are able to manage it. Hops this helps!
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Question: Am 7 month pregnant please tell me which position sleep is good for my baby health?
Answer: Sleeping on sides is the best for you and baby. Most of them suggests to sleep on left so that baby gets more blood circulation.
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Question: Hi my baby is suffering from burkitts lymphonia so plz give me some suggestion for his health n immunity
Answer: Dear brukitts lymphonia is treatable so please dont worry buy baby mist be having problems in eating so give all type of food but in small proportion and also do ask a complete diet chart from your doctor because see doctor will tell you diet according to medication. So plan ask your doctor and take good care of lily champ..
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