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Question: Hi. Can anyone help me out? Is it normal that my wieght at the time of conceive was 67 and now its increased to 95.my 38th running?? Is it normal?

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Answer: though it is normal during twins but in case of single fetus it is very much but do not worry about it try to ask ur dr about it that how much weight is of urs n water n baby
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Question: My delivery is c-section help me out how can i reduce my wieght at home
Answer: Hello dear, Here is a list of useful homemade remedies that can reduce  fat. Take warm water with lime and honey in empty stomach.This drink can also be had before every meal....take green tea, apple, tomatoes more than more. Drinking at least 3 liters of water daily is necessary if you want your narrow waistline back....Chew two to four small garlic cloves in the morning, Take 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon powder and mix it in warm water. Drink daily before breakfast and before going to bed... Drink a glass of fresh bottle gourd juice daily to get that flat and attractive tummy... Apart from these home remedies, a diet full of vegetables and fruits and exercises  will help you reduce fat are:...Not necessarily a home remedy that you can consume, but if you can manage to do a brisk walk for 15 minutes to 20 minutes after every major meal, it will again boost your metabolism and help reduce  fat.
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Question: My weight at the time of conceiving was 67 and now its 92.my 36th well started today. Is there any thing to worry
Answer: Hi Dear! I wud suggest you to feel positive if u dont hv any other discomfort or condition u dont need to worry and u will see that it will reduce automatically just after the delivery, and u will keep on reducing if be on a healthy diet breastfeed the baby, and keep walking thats what u need to do maintain a healthy weight.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Now iam 8 months pregnant, my weight is 71.7 kgs. At the time of conceive I was 53 kgs. Now increased 18 kgs. Doctor said that it was too high. How to maintain my weight in control ??
Answer: 1st check your diabetes. During pregnancy loss of weight and gaining weight is normal. But if your weight increases suddenly you have to aware about it. Do regular simple excercise,yoga and mild walking is must.
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