7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi by mistake i ate green chilli of dhokla and now i got loose motion and because of that my stomach is paining wat need to be done please help

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Answer: Please consult your doctor for medicine. Meanwhile you can have buttermilk and coconut water to reduce the motions and keep yourself hydrated.
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Question: Yesterday I ate legian medicine and now my stomach is paining and loose motion.
Answer: Without doctors consulting don't take any medicine. You are a feeding mother. So should be very cautious
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Question: Down to chest i.e upper stomach is paining and loose motion is there wat to do
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Question: I am having loose motion from the morning and stomach is also paining.. pls help
Answer: Hi Do take curd rice and avoid spicy and oils foods....take tender coconut,buttet milk and all...drink plenty of water.. Also take 1 liter water and boil it and let it cool add 6 spoon sugar and 3 spoon salt and mix it and take for 5 times it helps to relieve from loose motion and also keeps you hydrated
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