20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi as i observe in my 1st trimester my breast are popping,getting big but when im on my 2nd trimester its getting normal again,is it normal?should i be worried?thank you

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Answer: It's ok.. in the first trimester the breast will enlarge and gets normal by second trimester.. and in third trimester again the breast will enlarge as the milk production starts. In some pregnant women there will be a watery like discharge from their nipples which is called colostrum which is the first form of milk. Some ladies will be getting the milk directly after delivery. So no need to work about the breast size. take healthy diet, Stay happy..!
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Answer: While comparing to first delivery the pain will reduce in 2nd delivery...so don't worry dr...surely normal delivery only
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Question: Hi there my breast are getting heavier. I m having litle headache to frequently. But my tummy doesnt that big. Everything will be ok na
Answer: 10 week it's normal.u will get big tummy after 5th month.n head ache also common In this stage
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Question: hello Ma'am... I m 6 months pregnant... after 17th july..my 7 months will be start... I want to ask you that when my 2nd titnes injection should be done on which date?? .. my 1st injection is on 4 June...
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