23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 39 yrs old and 6 months pregnant.today i had my foetal echo and doctor diagnosed pulmonary vessel stenosis.is this problem get solved with my pregnancy or after birth my baby will have some heart problem

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Question: Hello doctor i am going to get married with in few months., i have abnormal perioda from the past few months, i got my last period on august 15th and it lasts till 25th august...and after that i didnt get my period till now. Is that a serious problem? Will this affect my pregnancy? I want to concieve with in 6 months after my marriage..pls help me...today i consulted gynecologist and she suggested me meprate tablet and advised me to.use it for 6 days...and after two days i will get periods....and advised me to walk for 30 min daily. She said we will check whether you will get period next month regularly or not.. if not she said i will keep some pills for 21 days for 3 to 4 months...then you will get pregnancy correctly. Pls tell me with this period abnormalities does this effect me to conceive???
Answer: Dear you have already done what I would have suggested. See ur gynae is providing the treatment which eill make them regular. Yes regular period are required to conceive as that is how ur reproductive system works. If periods doesn't happen regularly the ovulation won't and in that case conceiving becomes impossible in the time where there is no periods. So please do not worry and start with the medication and everything will be alright. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have constipation problem... Only after having cremaffin tonic next morning I will get my motion... Please suggest me with some tips to get rid of this
Answer: Hv lots of citrus fruit figs cucumber n fibre rich meal..
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Question: In today's scanning my doctor detected a mild asymmetry of right and left chambers of my baby's heart.. is this harmful? will the baby have some problem after birth? please advice.
Answer: Hi dear....you should directly ask this question to your gynaec. She will explain it the best...don't worry everything will be fine.
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