7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi am 6 weeks pregnant... i feel some sound from my sound..like heart beat..but it beats very slowly..is dis true..or which sound..????

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Answer: Dear this is quite strange.. it must be your heartbeat that you are listening but still this must be very loud so please consult with your doctor about it..
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Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant .i had my ultra sound but the heart beat was not seen.. Is it normal?
Answer: Don't worry it happened in the cases of late conception or maybe you had irregular periods heart beats are appreciated around 8 to 10 weeks Repeat the scan after 2 weeks to see the status. Take care
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Question: Some times I feel my heart beats very rapidly. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello, During g pregnancy blood level increase in body. This extra blood results in a heart rate that’s about 25 percent faster than usual. A faster heart rate can result in occasional heart palpitations. These feel like your heart is fluttering or beating extremely fast. Heart palpitations can be normal and nonharmful during pregnancy.
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Question: Hi Doctor I am feeling beats on my tummy...is it my baby heart beat?
Answer: No, it's blood flow. Mother can't feel baby s heartbeating it can be detected by special machine only
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