17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 17 week pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. I sometime feel movements in tummy but am confused whether it's baby or it's just me thinking. Today even felt continue kicking on one side. How do I recognise it. Please help

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Answer: Hello! It is infact the movement of the babies only. Initial first movements are like this polyester. As times pases it will be more stronger.
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Question: I am 21 weeks pregnant. I can feel my baby movements now but I can feel it only on my left side. Is this normal to feel your baby movements only on one side.
Answer: Baby is still very small so does not move the entire uterus.... its feet and hands are too small to reach on the other side... as the baby grows you will feel it all over
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Question: Whether to worry for. If I feel the movements of my baby only on one side left side .Am 35 weeks pregnant.
Answer: Hello! Nothing to worry. As long as you are having proper movements, it is absolutely normal. Take care
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Question: Movements are felt on either side or on both sides?as mostly i feel on one side only...
Answer: Hi,it can be felt on either side ,don't worry even if you feel only on one side it is normal.
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