13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 12 week pregnant last 1 week i had some constipation problem, its very painfull, shall i take cremaffin plus syrup? Pls help me

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Answer: Hi, constipation is common problem during pregnancy..you can eat bananas, fig and drink hot water which will soothe your motions
Answer: Drink plenty of water,eat guava fruit.it helps
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Question: Hi , I am 6 weeks pregnant. ..have constipation problem. ..can I take cremaffin syrup at night
Answer: Don't take any medication.. Have banana, stay Hydrated. Drink lots of water
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Question: Tell me some remedies to cure constipation, I am 28 weeks pregnant. Doc advised me to take cremaffin syrup at night. Please suggest some natural remedies.
Answer: Take warm milk with ghee.Also soak black raisins(Manuka)in night & take it in morning in empty stomach....it will work
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Question: i am 12 week pregnant last night i had some constipation in motion with little blood after that tip of my anus is too painfull, am not able to sleep ...pls help me
Answer: hi if you have constipation you can try on remedies you should drink dealt with glasses of water you should take more of fibrous food like green vegetables you should take carrot juice you should be close to you should take take take a banana and take oath as it is rich in fibres you should also take cover fruit in the morning breakfast which will help you take fibre supplements if required in consultation with your loved you take laxatives
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