20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 19 week pregnant. I have sleeping problem.what will i do

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Answer: With so many physical and emotional changes happening, it's no surprise that 8 out of 10 women have insomnia and other sleep problems during pregnancy.  Try new sleeping positions.Prepare yourself for bedtime by taking a warm bath or receiving a nice massage.Set up your room for a comfortable sleep setting. Try changing your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and playing some relaxing or natural sounds that can help make you sleepy.Try relaxation techniques, such as the ones you may have learned in a childbirth class.If you still cannot fall asleep, you may consider getting up. You can try reading a book, eating a small snack, or drinking some warm milk.Exercise regularly during the day.If you have the opportunity to sleep during the day, you should take it. However, long naps may interfere with your sleeping schedule at night.
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Question: I am 11 week pregnant.. and i am facing constipation, gas problem.What should i do?
Answer: Take water even if u feel u dont want it... It eill be hectic bcoz u woll have to pee multiple times. Dont leave your tummy emply at least keep it full by water so that there is no space for gas.. ones gas problem is over constipation will also decrease. This is the theory which u c in a pipe.. image in a pipe which has air in it .. initially whrn we open 1st the air pipe will come out only after that water comes... Similarly ones the gas is out constipation will also get over
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Question: I am 23 rd week pregnant woman.i had suffering from too much less sleeping problem.what can i do?
Answer: You may lose sleep during pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to understand that insomnia is not harmful to your baby. Insomnia during pregnancy is normal and affects approximately 78% of pregnant women. So try yoga. It will calm your mind and helps in fighting insomnia as well.
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Question: I am facing gas trouble problem.what can i do ? I am 19 th week pregnant
Answer: Bloating and contipation are very common in pregnancy because of hormones.You can drink water atleast 2 1/2 litres a day.Add garlic in ur food or try garlic milk before bed.U can take slow 30 min walk in morning and evening.If problem persists u can consult ur doctor for further management..
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