25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 24 week pregnant i am trying to sleep to my left but my complete stomach is bending towards left ,does this put pressure on my baby

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Answer: Use pillows as support..
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Question: I sleep too much towards my left side .. it presses my stomach ... does this harm the baby ????
Answer: It is ideally recommended to sleep on your left side when pregnant, especially toward the end of the term. It may press lightly but you will know when your position is uncomfortable for the baby. However sleeping on the left doesn't harm the baby in anyway.
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Question: When I sleep on left side my baby starts kicking .Does this mean I am putting pressure on him or he is feeling uncomfotable?
Answer: Nothing like that, don't worry, it's common. Use pillows while sleeping
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Question: Hi, my uterine artery pressure is high on both the sides left Uta pi is 3.89 and right Uta pi is 3.91, my dr has put me on medication and trying to bring my pressure down, how does it effect my baby? I am tensed. And can i add something in my diet to bring my uterine pressure down?
Answer: hi dear! so high pi of the uterine artery can show some defective development of the placental arteries dear. and this can increase a risk for development of high blood pressure in the mother dear. so you will have to keep a check on the bp . also as long as the baby's growth is fine there is nothing to worry you are on medication which will help too. also your baby can be at a risk of developing fetal growth restriction so you will have to keep a check through the scans dear. and make sure you have a low salt diet you cannot have salt in pickles , papad , buttermilk or salads and also in rice or roti you can take them in daal and sabzi not a problem dear and try to walk for atleast half and hour to 1 hour . dont worry be positive and everything will be fine dear. take care .
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