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Question: hi am 36 week pregnant from few days i noticed a very little white smelly discharge in the morning ....is it normal or not

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Answer: Hi! Normal discharge during pregnancy is leukorrhea and it is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. However if you have thick and smelly discharge it could be a sign of infection, please do consult your Doctor.
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Question: I m in 31 week pregnancy. I hav noticed very little milky white discharge in my panty. Is it normal?
Answer: it is normal and its nothing to worry about... it's caused by hormonal changes that affect the uterus, the cervix, the vagina.If you are having symptoms of abnormal discharge, which can include itching, or burning, or discoloration, or odor, you should talk to your doctor.
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Question: I'm 23 weeks pregnant and having white discharge from few days.. is it normal or not?
Answer: It is quite normal. Don't panic. Eat food items that makes your body cool like cucumber, fruits, tender coconut in day time.
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Question: Today morning I found a off white/grey little smelly discharge is it normal??
Answer: Hello dear, vaginal discharge is normal during pregnancy. It could be white, green or yellow colour, because of hormonal changes during pregnancy. If the vaginal discharge comes with strong smelling, and/or accompanied by redness or itching, you may have a vaginal infection. Try to clean and dry inner area, use panty if getting more discharge, Change panty 2 times in a day. Apply Yogurt or garlic paste or apple cider vinegar and rub it over the external parts of the vagina and rinse it. Eat a cup of yogurt a day will also help. Repeat the treatment for a week or until the fluids become normal. If don't feel comfortable, consult your gyno.
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