32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi, am 31 week pregnant, am feeling movements only when i lie down... may i know is it normal, its my 1st pregnancy...

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Answer: Hello! thats absolutely normal as the babies have their own sleeping routine. Try to keep a count on the movements.If it is less than 10, then call the doctor and consult
Answer: yes...its normal dear...dnt take tension...
Answer: yes it is normal i
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Question: I am 31 week pregnant... When i lie down on left than only i feel baby movement.is it normal??
Answer: Hi.dont worry.feeling baby movements depends on the position of the baby.The baby should get enough space to move only then you will feel the movements.May be your baby position is such that it moves freely when you lie on your left side.as long as you feel the movements everyday,there should be no problem.
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Question: Hi all...I am now in my 31 week of pregnancy...but I feel only 3 to 4 times movements of my baby..is it normal..please suggest
Answer: After about 30 weeks onwards, you are more likely to feel less movements, because your child is growing, and there is less space left in the womb to make movements.. It is normal for you to worry, I use to think in the same manner.. But, my doctor explained me.
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Question: Hi, I am 32 weeks pregnant and my baby is moving only on left side when I lie down on my left and if I lie down on my right baby movements are less, is there anything to worry?
Answer: No dear it's not a problem at all you must keep feeling your baby's movement it's not a problem that if you feel it less on right side and more on left side
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