34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 34 week peegnancy..in my scan baby is rounded 2 umbilicals cord around his neck..is it any risk or prblm for normal delivery.pls anyone answer

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Answer: Hi. With two round of cords your baby would be monitored closely if any kind of problem is seen doctors would opt for c-section. So dont worry it would depend on time of labour pain.
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Question: I am pregnent about 33 week and in my last scan mentioned that loop of cord around the fetal neck. is it normal or any serious. kindly answer.
Answer: Not a serious issue but u need to keep a close eye on the baby movements, most of the cases the cord will go later due to baby's movement...
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Question: In my 34 week scan.. Umbilical cord is seen around the neck of my baby. Is it cause any prob?
Answer: Hello! Generally umbilical cord around the neck of the baby is not a problem. Just you need to keep a watch on the movements of the baby. Also normal delivery is possible in such a case if all the other factors support. Take care
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Question: Hi am 34 week pregnant..in 8th mnth scan baby is rounded with 2 umbilical cord..is it any risk for normal delivery
Answer: you have to really very careful about the baby movement dear.But if you feel a sudden change in pattern/sudden decrease/absence or increase in fetal movement,you should visit your doctor to confirm the health of your baby!
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