9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 7weak pregnant this time sec is safe or not is there any problem pls suggest me

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Answer: Dear that really depends how smooth and low risk your pregnancy is . If your doctor didn't advise any precaution then its completely fine to have sex but if there is a little complication is included then its better to wait till delivery..
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Question: Hlo am 6 week pregnant. There are abdomal pain so this is any problem? And walking this time is safe ?
Answer: Hi dear , During this time back pain is very common . So dont worry. Please post your 2nd question this not clear
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Question: Am 14 week pragnant in this time journey is safe or not its about 350 km, pls suggest me
Answer: Hello Travelling when ur pregnant is a bit complicated than normal as there are alot of factors to consider. If ur traveling by ur car then it's safer compared to public transport as u need frequent washroom breaks.choose a clean hotel washroom In public transport bus is a bit tricky as the bumpy roads may affect ur posture causing alot of pain. Train is the best way to travel as u can relax with available space wch is better for ur posture. The only problem with the train is the washroom as it is very unhygenic and you can contact with a UTI.
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Question: Hi, now im 2months,1week pregnant.... in this time intercrose will be safe or not safe tell me pls.....
Answer: not at all safe... 2nd trimester it vl b good if u have no complications
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