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Question: hi am 23weeks 4days pregnant i just had scan yesterday in that my baby had right kidney mild renal pelvis dilation with 6.9 is this will be major problem for baby can i do anything to get that to normal size.and in last pregnancy i had lost my baby with mcdk of right kidney and genetical issues on this.for now present baby will be k or any problem with that

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Answer: hello dear Renal pelvis dilatation (or hydronephrosis) is a widening of the renal pelvis and is a common finding on ultrasound scans (USS) performed during pregnancy. Often it is temporary and not associated with any problems in the kidney or ureter
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Question: I am at 30 week pregnancy but my baby have pelvis renal dilation 6.9 mm in right kidney is down syndrome significant
Answer: Mild dilatation is acceptable, Can be due to the obstruction in the flow of urine It resolve on its own over time. please correlate yaar result with NT scan double marker screen test and if it is the only abnormal finding then no need to worry about this Only thing you need to do is repeat ultrasounds with measurement of kidney size should be done to see whether it is increasing or decreasing to monitor this
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Question: Hi, In ultrasound , fetal right kidney show mild dilated renal pelvis? Doctor its normal, we will follow up.. anyone kindly explain about this? Anything serious issue?
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to as your doctor also suggested. It is usually due to the urine getting blocked, don't worry as the baby is delivered and passes urine, it gets better. Take care
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Question: Hello doctor yesterday my 5month scan complt . In that report they written that , Fetal left kidney shows moderate hydronephrosis with dilatation of renal pelvis . Renal pelvis diameter measure 12.6mm . No hydroureter .fetal right kidney appears normal . Is it any problem
Answer: Hey, Hi Hydronephrosis is the dilation of kidney.It could be due to anatomic abnormality or due to obstruction at the level of the kidney UPJ or at the level of the bladder- UVJ. In majority cases it resolves on its own.Regular scans to monitor babys kidneys and amniotic fluid levels will be done Early detection and treatment can help avoid urinary tract information and kidney damage. Few more tests will be advised by your doctor to rule out any chromosomal abnormality or birth defects. There are different grades of hydronephrosis 0-4.After birth depending on the severity antibiotics may be started. Incase the grade is 4 due to obstruction surgery may also be needed to remove the obstruction
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Question: Mild dilatation of right renal pelvis(right kidney 0.5 cm) 18 week 5 days pregnancy is a big problem for baby?
Answer: hi dear! mild dilatation of the renal pelvis will not cause nay problem to the baby and the treatment will depend after the delivery what is the status of the baby dear and after seeing the baby's health after delivery. also there is nothing to be done now just keep a watch on the fluid levels if at any time the fluid level go low do inform your doctor dear. dont worry !
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