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Question: Hi am kco of pcod on treatment natural conception occurred at last August bt misscarge hapn @dec (15wks)fetal autopsy report shwn acute infract ₩chorio amnitis ,bt I dnt expernc symtops lik PID,nw am plang fr next pregnancy if any chance to get infection again ah gve me a good suggestn.Thank u

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Answer: Marrd 4yrs old
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Question: Mam in july 2019 I had chocolate cyst removal.after that my periods whr regular and from sep2019 I started getting yeast infection(burning itching and curdy white discharge)and it used to com as soon as my periods end every month.I am taking treatment for yeast infection from sep every mnth I used to go to gyno but no change and i was on follicular study in dec which was unsuccessful and in jan again I reapted follicular and got success now I am 13week pregnant and still getting yeast infections every mnth mam what should I do I am very much worried my gyno suggested candid-v3 cap to insert it is curing but getting repeated every mnth.Now again it started and not able to go to gyno as she is not available.can u plez suggest how to cure this permanently mam and will it affect my baby every mnth I am not able undergo this pain feeling stress due to overthinking lik how will it affect my baby.And also suffering somtimes with urine infection
Answer: Dear this is called as recurrent could be due to diabetes , treatment resistant , frequent antibiotic therapy, compromise of the immune system and sexual activity, high levels of estrogen. so please start taking candid for 14 days continuously.keep genital area hygienic.better to use lactacyd wash daily.drink plenty of fluids.avoid excess sugars and salts.avoid intercourse.please check your fasting and post prandial blood sugars once.better not to use any extra antibiotic during pregnancy.take care
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Question: Am planning fr my pregnancy and i used ovulation kit for our intercourse.. Lik tat we make lov on tat ovulation day so far i due to my cycle i got periods on may 2 but still now u didnt get my periods.. Today is my 37th day and i feel some disturbance in my uterus and i had nipple pain.. Today i took the test bt it was negative so wen to take the test again is there any chance of pregnancy... Please any one reply
Answer: dear only you know your periodic cycle if you have missed your period for at least one week then only you should check because sometimes if you check early then you can get a wrong result
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