25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am nearly 6 months , how about doing works during this time like washing clothes,sweeping ,cleaning as well

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Answer: You can wash clothes in washing machine, don't wash heavy clothes like bedsheets n all. Till 8th months you must ignore sweeping wiping etc. You can do dusting easily.
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    Shubha.N Nair665 days ago

    Thank you

Answer: From 8.5 months you should start..Sweeping cleaning and even prenatal yoga..
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Question: Can i start doing home works. Like washing clothes and utensils and cleaning home
Answer: hi dear after delivery you need to take complete bed rest at least for two months and then you can start your household work otherwise it will cause big strain to your body and later on your health will also be affected and you will have experience severe back pain and other health problems dear
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Question: Is there any difficulty in doing household works like washing clothes And cleaning by mop daily??
Answer: You can do your regular household tasks if you do not have any complications like low lying placenta. You can do every task but make sure not to do everything in one single stretch. Break your work and take occassional rests so that you do not feel tired and exhausted
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Question: Hi , now am on my 8th month , I start doing some works like washing clothes , cleaning room etc , is there any problem by doing works like this ? Is it cause premature delivery ?
Answer: Hi,if you have a healthy pregnancy then doing natural normal household activities to not be a problem you should first better check with your doctor if your doctor allows you to do you can carry on with your normal routine activities
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