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Question: Hi am in 37 weeks and my baby is in cephalic presentation and spine to left lie oblique. What does it mean?

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Answer: Hello, Dear cephalic presentation means that baby is head down position. Spine to left lie oblique means that baby is lying diagonally across the uterus, and baby's spine is on your left side.It’s very unusual for a baby to stay in this position right up until labour.  TC.
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    Lakshmi Priya923 days ago

    Will this position change ?is normal delivery possible?

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Question: Hi .. am in 31 weeks .. in scan it shows cephalic presentation .. what does it mean ?
Answer: It means that baby head has turned down and it's the best position for normal delivery . Nothing to worry and it's good one .
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Question: Hi I am 34 weeks pregnant, and my baby is in cephalic (oblique lie with fetal head in left maternal flank) presentation. What does this mean? Is everything ok?
Answer: hi Oblique lie basically means the baby is placed diagonaly in the womb.it is rare There is still little time for the baby to change position.There are a few exercises that are recommended to try and change the position of the baby.Talk to your doctor about it. Normal delivery is possible though c section may be advised in most cases.
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Question: Hi in my 37 weeks scan it is written that foetus in cephalic presentation and spine to left lie oblique.what does it mean
Answer: This means your baby is at head down position, head towards your pelvis and buttocks towards your chest. Its a most suitable position for normal delivery of the. baby. Head position of baby usually fixes at pelvis after 36 weeks. Is a good sign. Good wishes!
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