19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, am in 19th week now...my feet and ankel are getting swelling.. Why this is happening in 5 th month itself? Anything problem? How to prevent swelling... please suggest

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Answer: No problem...try to take low salt and use mild slippers and support your legs with a chair or table while sitting...dnt sit for long hours in sitting position
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    Hema M59 days ago

    Thank you.

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Question: Hii am in 28th week of pregnancy and my breast are leaking, please tell me why its happening what is the reason and how I can prevent this, is this a serious sign am very worried please suggest me
Answer: Hi,do not worry it is expected in the third trimester this liquid discharge is called as colostrum which is the healthy sign it indicates that the body is getting pressed is getting prepared to produce milk so do not worry if the discharge is red in colour or yellowish in colour sticky nature then you should consult the doctor as there is nothing to worry
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Question: Hello mam... My 5 months are completed and i am getting swelling on hands and feet
Answer: Hello dear. Congratulations for your pregnancy. Swelling is a normal part of pregnancy that is caused by this additional blood and fluid. Normal swelling, which is also called edema, is experienced in the hand, face, legs, ankles, and feet. This extra retention of fluid is needed to soften the body, which enables it to expand as the baby develops Also, your growing uterus puts pressure on your pelvic veins and your vena cava (the large vein on the right side of the body that carries blood from your lower limbs back to the heart). The pressure slows the return of blood from your legs, causing it to pool and force fluid from your veins into the tissues of your feet and ankles. After you deliver your baby the swelling will disappear pretty quickly as your body gets rid of the extra fluid. You may find yourself peeing often and sweating a lot in the first days after childbirth. You can reduce swelling during pregnancy by lying on your side to relieve the increased pressure on your veins. Here are some other tips to reduce swelling: Put your feet up whenever possible. At work, keep a stool or pile of books under your desk. Don't cross your legs or ankles while sitting.Stretch your legs frequently while sitting: Stretch out your leg, heel first, and gently flex your foot to stretch your calf muscles. Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes. Take regular breaks from sitting or standing. Frequent short walks will keep your blood from pooling in your lower extremities. Wear comfortable shoes that stretch to accommodate swelling in your feet. Don't wear socks or stockings that have tight bands around the ankles or calves. Drink plenty of water. Surprisingly, this helps your body retain less fluid. Try to have about 10 8-ounce cups of water or other hydrating beverages each day. (You can tell you're getting enough if your urine looks pale yellow or clear.) Exercise regularly. Eat a healthy diet and limit junk food. All the best
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Question: I am in 5 th month sometimes i got hiccups continuously why like this happening
Answer: Generally Hiccups are considered normal, however, if you are getting hiccups a lot,  it’s a good idea to talk to your  doctor. This could be a sign of other medical issues.
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