7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi frndz...am in 6th week .I feel dizziness all the time....is it common?? and any one suggests me a good books to read at this time? can't do any work...!!!

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Answer: yes dizziness is normal. eat chikoo. yes good books padhna achi bat h . 3 months tak apko dizziness, thakan, morning sickness sab feel hoga.
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    Gnana Priya1240 days ago

    thanks sis

Answer: V P Kale's Me Manus Shodhtoy
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Question: My heartbeat is increased can't sleep feel dizziness all time .Is that normal in 15 week
Answer: Hi congrats, As there are lot of hormone changes Ur heart is pumping or blood and heart rate increase up to 30 to 40 percent...which is normal during pregnancy....also u will feel fluttering and beating extremely fast....this is not harmful during pregnancy...so don't u worry everything is going to be good...take guidance from your doc and take care...☺👍
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Question: Hi.. Plz suggest me any good books to read.. To feel cool and relax.. Bcoz suddenly i feel depressed and started crying a lot without any reason..
Answer: Read "The Secret" it really helps you to think positive. Also try "What to expect when you are expecting " pregnancy book
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Question: Hi I am 8 weeks pregnant, now I feel like my head is rotating all the time so I can't do any work
Answer: The most common symptoms of pregnancy are nausea,vomiting,aversions to food,digestive problems like constipation,loss,motions,acidity,gas-these are caused due to increase in the level of progesterone.Dizziness is also one of the common symptoms in pregnacy-generally seen due to decreased blood pressure.Mood swings may be seen due to hormonal fluctuations.Sore breast is also one of the common symptoms due to increased hormones like estrogen and progesterone.These symptoms generally decrease after the first trimester once the hormones settle.
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