23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. am having my anamoly scan tomorrow... My doctor asked me to drink 75ml of glucose water before 2 hours of scan ... May I know can i drink water after that....

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Answer: Hi! No dear please do not drink water anything after 75 ml of glucose till the blood is drawn . Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi friends, glucose test will be conducted after breakfast or before breakfast. My doctor said drink that glucose packet and go for lab with in two hours.
Answer: Before break fast, and after having glucose as doctor said
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Question: Before anamoly scan we have to drink lots of water as we do in sonograpy?
Answer: Dear that really depends in my 1 scan the person told me to drink lots of water but in second scan they say nothing. So dont worry the person on reception will let you know if you need to drink water or not..
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Question: hi 34week runing doctor asked me to go for oral glucose test after 2 hours of having 75g glucose result is 172 I wanted to know I have to go for this test any time of day or empty stomach I have to take glucose
Answer: subah empty stomach 75glucose lo than 2 hours Bad test karao
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