23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, am getting foot pain I can't able stand long time and I can't able to walk long time please tell me anyone, why it's happening

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Answer: Iam doctor..dont worry..its just because ur weight is increasing..u can try using a slipper with soft sole and flat one
Answer: Plz tell ur doct. It might b bcoz of less calcium
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Question: I have pain in my foot i can't able to stand and walk in the morning
Answer: Dear it can be because of muscle pull or sprain . So just take a foot massage and also dip your foot in hot water that will give you some relief..
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Question: Hi am getting itch on my breast. Can anyone tell me please why it's happening
Answer: Hello dear... Itching in breast happens due to harmonal changes, fat deposit, and preparing your body for childbirth and lactation, it is normal, follow these steps it might be helpful in reducing itching... To get rid of itchy breast, apply moisturizer will give you better releif,for best results you can go for natural based products,will be effective Aloe Vera are known for its best moisturizing effect,and it do wonders in reducing itching,so you can apply aloe Vera gel will reduce itching. It is essential to drink atleast three to four litres of water in a day,can also include juice,soups,will help to flush out toxin ,controls itching You can make an ice bag with muslin cloth,and gently massage on breast will help in controlling itching please don't scratch or rub your breast, because it may worsen itching,it is better to apply coconut oil ,it act as a natural moisturizer too,can also avoid harsh soaps ,can go for herbal bath powder,will be effective
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Question: My legs getting pain while after going walk ... I can't able to stand .. palm gets pain ...
Answer: Walking is good during pregnancy. But keep in mind that we should avoid if it is not suitable for our body. Everyone wish for normal delivery, but it should happen naturally and we should not force anything. I would ask u to stop going for a walk for few weeks.
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Question: I am getting too much sleep day and night why its happening tell me anyone
Answer: Hi.. It is ok, to take rest during this phase.. But to feel little energetic you can have sips of fluids in intervals, you will feel better..
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