31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi am applying ointment for dark spots on face.shall i apply it or shall i stop using it.am n confused.

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Answer: Hello No dear yu can apply on yur dark spots. No problem it won't harm yu or baby
Answer: Which ointment u r using for dark spot .... Pls suggest
Answer: Consult with your doctor.
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Question: Can i apply ointment on my face for black marks
Answer: Dear during pregnancy it is recommended to use home remedies as much as possible as the chemicals in ointment may not be safe to use during pregnancy. Pigmentation is because of hormones fluctuation and is common in pregnancy. There are some amazing creams for curing pigmentation but its not ok during lactation. So you could go for natural home remedies. You have not mentioned your skin type. Lemon+curd+turmeric+honey. Apply a pack on face leave for 15 min and scrub gently and wash with luke warm water. Use aloe gel as moisturiser. you have many brands giving aloe gels. Put it in the fridge and apply cold aloegel. NEVER go out without sunscreen as it will make pigmentation darker. At night use the pack again and apply good amount of vitamin E cream. You can use ELOVERA.. its aloe vera and vitamin E Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi my neck become dark shall I apply aloe vera
Answer: Idea darkening of neck area is very common during pregnancy. Changes in hormonal level causes excessive secretion of melanin in the neck region called melasma. You can apply tomato juice and lemon juice alternate days on that affected area and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes then wash it with water. Continue doing this for 2-3 weeks awfully will get a good result. This is part of pregnancy and after delivery gradually this blackening will also resolve by itself. Take care.
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Question: Can i apply ointment for dark marks on face
Answer: Yes you can apply ointment as its in surface of your face so it wont have any issue in your breast milk.
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