36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi ..am 35 week pregnant and my amniotic fluid level is 10 is it normaland baby weight is 2.556 kg is it normal

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Answer: Hello dear. Both are absolutely fine. The amnuitic fluid is considered normal if it is between 8 to 18. Baby weight should be around 2.3kgs at this stage so your baby is doing great in terms of weight. Hope it helps.
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    Ashmi Dawood837 days ago

    thank u dear..for your ansr

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Question: Hai i am in 35 week pregnancy . And my baby weight is 2577grams ,My amniotic fluid level is 7 .. is it cause any problem ..please suggest me
Answer: Yes it is at a lower side But the AFI keeps on reducing as pregnancy grows Take 3 litres of water daily. But on safer side your doctor may ask you for a doppler test and if these are normal you can wait till date or till labor starts. Just monitor daily fetal kick count and follow up ur doctor regularly.. You can also talk to your doctor about l-arginine granules and iv drip to increase the fluid if required
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Question: Hi i am 35 weeks pregnant... My Amniotic fluid AFI is 17.6 cms and it is considered as excess please suggest me how to reduce my amniotic fluid
Answer: Your doctor must have asked you for some basic investigation like blood pressure or blood sugar levels to rule out any detectable cause of increased amniotic fluid level. If all normal than no worries
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Question: I am 35 week pregnant my baby weight is 3 kg it is normal
Answer: Thise is a good baby weight do not worry. Please confirm if you have any diabetes or blood pressure problem?
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