9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi am 2nd month pregnant...in 2 days i will enter into 3rd month... without knowing i ate papaya...does it causes any harm for growing baby....still now no complications...infuture does it cause any problems

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Answer: Agar complications Ni hai toh gud don't take stress .......Aapey SE dhyaan rakhe papaya or pineapple na khaye na hi juice le papaya or pineapple Ka
Answer: It's a myth. Papaya seeds were used for abortion in ancient times.
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Question: I ate papaya and drumsticks without knowing there will be any problem or issues to ma pregnancy
Answer: Hi, drumsticks if taken in moderation and also cooked properly . As for papaya, if the amount was less then don't worry and try to avoid later on.
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Question: Hello I'm 28 wks. I had 2 black grapes without my knowledge. .does it cause any complications?
Answer: Hi. 2 grapes wont harm dear. But make sire you avoid grapes in future. They are top-most in the list of unwashed fruits to skip when pregnant. While doctors are yet to come out with a consistent stand on pregnancy and grapes, it is now widely believed that resveratrol a compound they contain, can be toxic to pregnant mothers. Moreover, when you are pregnant, you may find it hard to digest the skin of black grapes as your digestive system is weakened.
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Question: Mam without knowing I took 2times TT inject in 3rd month so m afraid it may cause any problems? N now again in 4month need to take TT 2nd inject
Answer: You have already taken two TT injection, please ask with doctor before taking 3rd injection as i know only 2 injection is taken
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