37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all...I am peeing every one hour at night and during the day every 15 minutes!! Why is it?

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Answer: During pregnancy the pressure of uterus falls on bladder leading to excess urination.
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Question: hi all, my baby is 100 days olds.she is peeing every ten minutes it is normal?
Answer: Yes it's normal and good for baby.. This shows baby is healthy and having enough milk from mommy.
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Question: My baby is not sleeping properly at night she wakes up at every 15 minutes why
Answer: Dear she is too small she will wake up as they also want sometime to adjust in our world as they r in womb the atmosphere is different in womb and outside or else just check why baby is crying might she is hungry or baby is having pee and potty.
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Question: Hi..why my 3 months old baby peeing frequently like for every 15 minutes..
Answer: Hi,keep a note on this,if this continues you should inform your Dr as sometimes this can be the symptom if high blood sugar levels in the body Don't worry.takr care
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