12 months old baby

Question: Hi all.. wen can i strt mugli ghutti to mybBy?

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Question: Hi I'm 32weeks pregnant so wen can i do my ultrasound
Answer: Most healthy women receive two ultrasound scans during pregnancy. "The first is, ideally, in the first trimester to confirm the due date, and the second is at 18 weeks to confirm normal anatomy. Apart from this any other scan you'll have to consult your doctor.
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Question: Hi, my baby is 5 months old. Which all fruits can I introduce to her?
Answer: At 5 months only breastmilk or formula milk can be given dear... Please wait for the baby to be 6 months then you can start with fruits.. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hi all he used to be naughty what type of habitual i can practice
Answer: Hello dear I am not able to understand what your want to ask. If you are adking about to involve your baby in any activity then you can get different puzzles for him. Or hive book in which he can color.
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Question: Wat all foods I can give to my baby?
Answer: To start with give gluten free cereals in porridge form... Ragi porridge preferably sprouted.ones later powdered and made into a porridge. Powdered oats porridge ....slowly add apples bannana and other fruit purees one by one. Do not use salt or sugar in babys diet
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