12 months old baby

Question: Hi all.. wen can i strt mugli ghutti to mybBy?

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Question: Mugli ghutti
Answer: Hi! There is no need to introduce any kind of ghutti Mugli ghutti aur Janam ghutti to your baby your baby only needs your milk and there is nothing else to be introduced at this age .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i use mugli ghutti fir my baby
Answer: Mugli ghutti need to be started after ur baby turns 6 months..before that it might not be safe as it spoils the immunity of baby.
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Question: What is mugli ghutti?
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is a special Ayurvedic preparation which is useful in many disorders & diseases in infants and children. Bit, it can not be given to a baby who is below one year of age.
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Question: Can i give mugli ghutti 555 to my 4 months old babies
Answer: Hi! A 4 months old kid only and only needs your milk, nothing else. Anything else other than milk can be harmful for the child. Good luck!
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