4 months old baby

Question: Hi all, today we went to put polio to my baby my mil was carrying my baby she fell down and said I got hurt, baby didn't get but my baby was slept he started crying and head was red, what I have to do know, he slept now

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Answer: hello dear make sure your baby did not hurt. i will suggest you to go to pedestrian.
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Question: Today my baby was seating on matt and suddenly lost his balance and felt down back, he started crying. But I showed him other things and he stopped crying. M little worried he doesn't got any injuries on his head..😞
Answer: Hi dear, if baby has no injuries then it might be just scared. Try to calm your baby and breastfeed. Be more sure that he will be in safe place and under ur guidance always. Don't worry he will be fine.
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Question: Today i fell down on my knees my right knee got hurt....my belly was not hurt ....does it will affect my baby?
Answer: Hello! Ideally it will not affect the baby as it is surrounded by the amniotic fluid. But you need to be careful in future because if you would have fallen on your stomach that could have been risky. Take care
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Question: My baby had fell down n got hurt to head on saturday n was normal but vomiting today mrning on Wednesday is something to worry
Answer: Hi dear, It is not a problem and it is more than 48 hours post fall .the vomiting is definitely not due to the fall.so relax .
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