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Question: Hi all, my name is Mini.. I am 11.4weeks pregnant.. I have low lying placenta. whats this all all about I am working from home..no traveling..will my baby also become low cuz of this.. kindly answer I am a lil worried about this

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Answer: no need to worry just b careful at this condition doc said we should b careful coz any Time bleeding will come due to this n hv to do slow work avoid heavy work simple work can do , I was faced this but now I'm in 29 week so now baby position, in starting most of women facing this low lying placenta after dat it will change so don't worry but b careful, at this condition doc will say for bestest also so tc
Answer: low lying placenta Is a common complication in pregnancy these days and it means the placenta through which baby feeds is attached to the lower part of the womb. almost near cervix or might covering the cervix. if you taking proper rest and staying at home. then usually around 19 weeks or later the placenta move upwards.
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Question: Hello, I am suffering from low lying placenta in 12 weeks scanning n many times spotting... I am worried about...... It will move upward or not?
Answer: It is quite natural..it LL come to normal position depending on baby movement
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