Few days old baby

Question: Hi all my friend baby is 2 years tht baby got jaundice whn it was born till now it din reduce can anyone say Wht thy should do ? It is 2 years

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Answer: If two days don't worry...it's normal...show morning sunlight on nacked body....Nd bf as much as possible.... And if it's 2 month and...if only eye is yellowish u should continue this process Or if body is yellowish than consult doctor soon
Answer: Aap p resaan maat ho,sab the k ho aega
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Question: My baby is one month old now he was got jaundice after his birth... He ws undr trtmnt fr two dys it got reduce... Can it reoccur
Answer: No chances are less they are neonatal jaundice and they are common with newborn who dont take mother's feed properly due to latching issues or when their parents have different blood group or due to other reasons also...once it s reduced after treatment his eyes will still be yellow.. Show him in sunlight everyday at 7am for 10 to 15 min..gv vitamin 3 drops...and exclusively feed ur baby..do absorb your babys urine too.. In few weeks your babys eyes urine will be normal and his eyes color also ll get changed.. once your baby is recovered from jaundice and if he is on complete mothers feed then he will not get jaundice back .. if your baby's urine or eyes still haven't changed after month you may consult your doctor once during vaccination
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