3 months old baby

Question: Hi All ....my baby she is bending her head towards right hand side..what could be the reason and how to straighten it...plz suggest

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Answer: Make her to sleep by keeping her head on left side for few days..
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Question: hii my baby is just 14 months old and yesterday I saw a grey hair on her head m so worried what could be the reason for greying of hair at such small age should I consult doctor???
Answer: Dear maybe your baby is not taking healthy and nutritious diet . you should include more green vegetables fresh fruit vitamin A rich foods like carrots beetroot apple papaya broccoli kale. you should also massage baby hair with warm coconut oil or olive oil . if you will see more grey hair then you should consult with your doctor . give calcium rich foods like the milk or curd butter milk Paneer cheese .
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Question: Hi I'm Anusha I have 1 year girl baby. She is only 7kg Wight . Please suggest how will be increased her weight and hight?
Answer: Hi dear Give 3 times cow milk nd 3 timrs complete food ass Besan Chilla Alloo Paratha,Paneer sandvich Cheese butter sandvich .Bread butter Egg wit bread add fresh fruits, green vegetables , dal rice Allo tamatar sabji wit rice veg kichri veg daliya sooji chilla sooji dosa .curd wit rice , cucumber carrort as salad .then give half bowl of curd or buttermilk,,all vegetables, oats,dry fruits ,ragi in diet its hekoful in increasing babies weight.
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Question: My baby is 9 months old she didn't get teeth still now what may be the reason
Answer: Hello dear ... baby can get first teeth at 6 month to after 1 year. If baby can’t get now than this is also ok. Give calcium syrups after consult with doctor .
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