1 months old baby

Question: Hi all, my baby is 6 weeks old now and got his 6 weeks vacation yesterday morning 11 AM. He had 100.4 fever yesterday​ and today also has 100° at 5 PM . how long does this fever stay?

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Answer: hi there my doctor had prescribed my baby paracetamol for 6 hourly...any if more fever is there then u should give 4 hourly...it will come Down...
Answer: maximum 3 days dear.give paracetamol 8 hours interval till 3 days.
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Question: My baby got his vaccination yesterday and he has 100.4 fever. What is the normal temperature for a 1.5 month old baby?
Answer: Hello, the normal temperature is 98.6 above that it is considered to be having temperature your baby has fever usually after the vaccination the baby gets fever which is a common after vaccination symptom . consult to doctor for medication . if the temperature goes beyond hundred and one you should keep room temperature water but is on the forehead so that it helps to bring down the fever
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Question: My baby has got vaccinated day b4 yesterday and since then he was having fever till today morning a d since last 2 days he was not having milk but even today also even when his temperature has reduced he his not having milk properly....he is formula milk....all this is normal ?
Answer: When babies are given vaccines they normally get fever. The doctor would normally prescribe to give crocin drops to reduce the fever. Secondly it is common to have reduced appetite for a day or two. Beyond that , then its best to check with your pediatrician . all the best
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Question: My baby has not pass urine yet since once in the morning..is it normal?Also having fever today in the morning. I am also worried as yesterday he was vomiting and had 100 degree fever
Answer: Your baby is dehydrated. It can also be due to vomiting and fever. Please offer few sips of water or milk very often. There are also baby ORS available, you can try that too. If it continues please consult your doctor
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