17 months old baby

Question: Hi all, my baby is now 16 months old and she is not eating anything and even not drinking milk . She is drinking only my milk. Can someone advice what I need to do

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Answer: You will stop the give breast feeding ,and give ajawani water
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Question: Hi momies. Since last 2-3days, my baby is not taking milk anymore and not even anything in food. Teething phase already done. She is doing all the activities regulary. But not ready to take milk... What should i do?
Answer: Sudden changes in weather sometimes leads to loss of appetite in babies specially in summer. Instead of giving birth to a child you can prepare cold milk shake hope baby will like it. Give a small food at a time but Frequently. you can give supplement to your baby to improve appetite after Consulting doctor. Hope that will help.
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Question: my baby not drinking milk and not eating anything what can I do please help me
Answer: Dear while baby playing you feed something. When you eat take baby with you . Seeing you baby will also try. Every 1-2 hr give something to eat .
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Question: My baby is 8 months old. Since last 5-6 days she is not eating anything even not taking her milk properly. What could be the reason. please guide. What I can give her to eat?
Answer: Maybe due to teething your baby is not taking milk properly.
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