30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all my baby is large to date. So doctor said that mayb u wil deliver 2-3weeks before your due date. So is normal Delivery possible.

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Answer: Hello Dear large in water sense head is big or baby overweight or body big? If yur baby weight is 3 or below 3 n yu have no complications like high BP, diabetes, low lying placenta, weak cervix then chances are there yu can deliver through vagina. But if yur baby is head big then pushing out will be little hard for yu. Don't worry yur doctor will guide you according to yur condition. Stay positive, eat healthy Take care
Answer: No I don't think so. Dear dont take tension. Stress may harm your baby. Keep calm . Everything will be fine
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Question: My due date is January 12, but doctor said your first baby c section then your 2nd baby c section before your due date.is it right decision?
Answer: Hello dear, it happens when your first delivery was c section. The Success Rate of vegainal birth After  C-Sections also known as VBAC, can be a safe and appropriate option. VBAC can work for many women who've had one, or even two, previous cesarean deliveries..... VBAC is a safe alternative to a routine repeat cesarean. If you have a healthy pregnancy, have a low horizontal scar on the uterus and go into labor on your own at term you have about a 70% to 75% chance that you and your baby will have a safe normal birth. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: hey my first pregnancy was C section Dr said it's not possible to deliver normal due to your born issue. now I am pregnant with 2nd baby is it possible to deliver normal.
Answer: Hey, Having normal delivery after c sec mainly depends on the scar thickness and time period between 2 deliveries. If scar thickness is anywhere above than 4-5mm then doctor might suggest normal delivery. Otherwise generally doctor opt for c sec as no one wants to risk uterus rupture due to pressure put in during labor to deliver a baby.
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Question: I am 9months pregnant my delivery date is oct13 delivery is possible to due date before
Answer: Yes dear.. after 36 weeks delivery can happen any time. Continue eating good diet and go for regular 15 min mild walk. Last few weeks is good for baby development and baby might gain extra weight. So better eat lot of healthy diet so that born baby with good weight and healthy.
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