16 months old baby

Question: Hi all.... My baby is 1yr and 3 mnt Old.... He is coughing a lot while sleeping, soon after sleeping cough starts, but no running nose,

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Answer: Hi dear usually cough starts after lying on the bed only when it is very common see till the time the cold is there in the body the cough will not subside hence you need to work on the cold please great ginger and mix Honey with the extract and feed the baby on intervals the dry cough will subside soon.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is coughing frequently . It's a dry cough. No running nose. What shall do?
Answer: Take him to hosp and buy medicine for dry cough. Dont wait loong to make ir worse
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Question: My baby is coughing frequently. It's a dry cough. No running nose. What shall i do
Answer: Hello! Some remedies for cough. If baby does not get relief then consult with doctor for medication. Boil little water with little ajwain seeds and make the baby have it. Also, if baby is taking outside milk ensure to put few seeds of ajwain while boiling the milk this prevent your baby from getting cough. Boiling garlic cloves in mustard oil and applying it externally on chest of your baby also helps. Roast some ajwain seeds on pan and put it on clean cotton cloth, make potly. Apply it on baby's chest, underfeet, palm and back.
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Question: Hi my baby is 8months old he is coughing and has running nose
Answer: Hi. Give steam from distance as it helps getting relief from blocked nose. Give saline nasal spray so nose does not get blocked. You can apply camphor oil so it gives relief to blocked and running nose. Give feed frequently as it has antibiotics and is warm soothes throat and gives relief. If cough increases or any other symptoms appear please contact doctor. Take care
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