2 months old baby

Question: Hi all, my baby is 2 months old. His weight gain is all normal. But i strongly feel breast milk is not sufficient for him. I am planning to supplement a formula feed along with breastfeed. I am looking forward for ur suggestions and also which formula brand can be used?

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Answer: Similac or lactogen
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Question: My baby is 2months old I want to know which brand formula milk will be good.. My breast feed is not sufficient.. Ty in advance
Answer: I have a sincere advice for you if earlier you are breastfeeding good and now you are facing problem or is there is something that your baby is not latching on your breast or if you are baby is not sucking up properly. then I will advise you to buy a breast pump and pump your milk out put it in a bottle and feed your baby because that would be the best thing you can do for you baby till 8 to 9 months and as long as you can some ladies breast pump till even 2 years so that is simply upon the endurance. formula milk is good definitely good not to doubt about that but if your breast milk is coming then you should try to boost the milk supply such as you can buy a breast pump start lactare tablets twice a day drink more than 3.5 litre of water everyday with two glasses of coconut water 1 in morning 1 at evening and always before sitting to breastfeed half an hour before you sit you must drink one glass water breast milk is 90% water only so the more water you drink the more milk will be produced and it is important that at regular intervals you keep empty your breast or take out the milk by a breast pump or if your baby is sucking up properly but using a breast pump will be very beneficial at this point of age since your baby is 2 months old so consider my advice and talk to your gynecologist about it
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Question: My baby is in formula feed which makes him more gassy can I change my my formula milk brand
Answer: Hi dear Do not give 3 moths baby formula milk...babies under 6 months are not at all recommended for formula milk as their digestive system is not matuared yet also they may suffer with lack of immunity and nutrient supply... Mothers milk is the one and best source to give baby all nuterients and rich immunity helps for healthy weight gain and growth.. Do feed babies completely with mothers milk till atleast 6 months
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Question: I don't have sufficient breast milk..is it formula milk or powder milk good for baby's..should I feed him..
Answer: consult doctor and select the formula milk they suggest
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