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Question: Hi all My 2 years old is having cough heavily. She coughs in between sleep and also from waking up from sleep. Her doctor prescribed Tixylix syrup and metaspray nasal spray. Since from September she is on Montair lc kid syrup. After having such a medication she still suffering from cough that to heavy n continuously for an hour .please all help me out to overcome from this.

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Answer: when I was in class 5th I had that severe cough issue.. I consulted almost every doc of my town and nothing worked .. when it started I almost lost my breath n feels like I am gonna die soon . and right after I vomit.. that time someone suggested consult homeopathy doc.. n you know that doc came a life savy for me.. he gave me a course of 3 months n I remember in just 1 months it was gone almost. today also whenever such issue happens I prefer taking homeopathy medicine.. it works slowly but works
Answer: yes sometimes we can't control cough of our baby, however u r giving medicines side by side u can give regularly at night turmeric powder in milk, b4 sleeping u can take ginger piece n add little bit salt n give to child for chewing, in my case citaphaladi powder also work , one spoon honey, try this definitely will work n tc of baby
Answer: Hi Plz give turmeric powder a pinch Along with citapaladi powder and honey U ll notice change within 15 mins Continue giving twice till stops completely
Answer: give ur baby turmaric powder with gudh daily b4 sleep it will help a lot
Answer: cover her chest when she sleeps
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    Lavina Tirthani Makhija1570 days ago

    aur usko malish kro mustard oil with a pinch of garlic luke warm krke wen she sleeps

Answer: 5 ml sinarest twice a day
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    Priyanka Singla Priya1570 days ago

    sorry y kisi aur KO snd kiya tha by mistake apko ho gaya