24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi All, My 2 year daughter don't drink milk instead she likes yogurt. Is it sufficient to give yogurt not milk???

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Answer: hi dear you can give yougurt. it is full of calcium same as milk nothing to worry along with it give food properly. the baby is eating properly then it doesn't you don't have to worry if the baby is not drinking milk everything is ok dear
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    Sana Tabassum812 days ago

    Thanks alot Rakhi Panicker

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Question: Hi my 2 years old daughter doesnt eat food. She likes to have milk all the time. Give me practicalsuggestions
Answer: Hello, Milk generally keeps your baby full and they love the taste of sugar in it. If you add sugar in milk then reduce it. Try making porridge with ragi and milk probably you can add some dry fruits in it. Initially try giving her dal and rice and eventually introduce her to little spices, probably like kichdi, idly and sambar, or rice noodles with slightly seasoned. Start with very little quantity or probably put it in a plate and give her a spoon to try, she might play a bit but atleast she will try eating couple of spoons. Once she gets the taste then you can try different recipes.
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Question: Hi, pls give milk and curd( yogurt) , baby likes milk and curd is give resistant power.
Answer: hi if a baby lights milk and curd there is no problem in giving you hurt inside giving you what is the best thing because it has natural probiotic which will help a baby to create a good bacteria in the tummy which will help in digestion there is no problem in giving you heard but it is advisable to start will giving just 2 to 3 spoons and then you can increase
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Question: My 2 year old daughter only likes to drink cows milk in bottle . How to make her eat everything?
Answer: Dont give milk without food, because milk is heavy food, that will not digest easily, then give lot nutrition vitami food like vegetables soup and fruits salad, kheer, dry fruits, ragi and wheat with playing make her eat, good luck
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