40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi all kya breech baby hone se baby ke health per kuch effect hota hai? ?

2 Answers
Answer: Noo..its baby's position jisme baby ka head upper hota h but 32 weeks tak head down ho jata h mostly..so just don't worry
Answer: tnsn mt lo aap
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Question: Breech baby position hone ke kya karan ho sakte hai
Answer: Hello, breech position ka matlab hai baby ka sir apke abdomen ke paas rahega aur pair pelvic region mein rahega. aap ko chinta karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai breech position bache move hote rehete woh cephalic position me delivery se pehle kabhi bhi aa sakta hai.
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Question: s.g.p.t and s.g.o.t bohot high hone se Kya hota hai? Kya iss se baby pe koi effect padta hai?
Answer: Do u have itching in tour body too..if yes it could be gestational cholestasis..which requires medication soon to avoid complications
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Question: s.g.p.t and s.g.o.t high hone se Kya hota hai? iss se baby pe Kya koi effect padta hai?
Answer: hello dear sgot sgpt high hone se liver ka problem ho sakt hai.. There are many conditions that are commonly associated with elevations of the Liver Function Tests SGOT/AST and SGPT/ALT. There are numerous causes of having an elevation of these enzymes. SGPT/SGOT are enzymes that are associated with the function of your liver and the conversion of glucose and are usually found in the mitochondria of the liver cells. Different levels of these enzymes can indicate differing conditions and causes. These may include gallbladder disease, hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, infectious mononucleosis, alcoholism, medications and drug toxicity.. aapki doctor ki salha lijiye
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